Friday, April 21, 2006

3rd Term: Governors Give 3 Conditions to Obasanjo

What is Nigerian Democracy turning into?
As the strategists of President Olusegun Oba-sanjo's tenure extension plan return to the drawing board, indications emerged yesterday that the governors backing the plan have given the president conditions for their continued support.
Also yesterday, the publicity committee of the 2007 Movement, an assembly of federal lawmakers opposed to the amendment of the 1999 Constitution to permit tenure elongation for Obasanjo and governors, said it will take its case against the move to foreign envoys on Monday. But the governors, who met Obasanjo and the defunct National Assembly Joint Committee on the 1999 Constitution Review (JCCR) Chairman, Senator Ibrahim Nasir Mantu, separately last Wednesday demanded for the total restoration of Section 308 which dwells on immunity from criminal prosecution for the President, his deputy as well as governors and their deputies. More

Nigeria: Obasanjo's Score Card

I Just this Interesting link while Browsing the Net

The following graphic show the pains and gains of Obasanjo's regime over the past 6-7 years he is in office. As it clearly show we have more poor people, more unemployed, products cost more and the stress all these bring takes their toll first with the higher infant mortality and death rates and second with the general life expectancy declination. As for the gains more people can communicate on their mobiles, increase in literacy and of course the partial reduction/write-off of the country's external debt.

Source: Agodi

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