Tuesday, July 25, 2006

electronic voting systems | why inec dropped electronic voting

electronic voting systems

Sometime ago i reported that The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) may drop the Electronic Voting Machine from the Electronic Voting System (EVS) following its deletion from the Electoral Bill 2006 by the National Assembly.

I came across an article recently that discussed on the problem with
electronic voting systems. Particularly interesting here is the fact that the US has been in the path of electronic voting systems and it didn't work; some of the reasons given for its stoppage amongts many are quoted below:

"Computerized machines lost votes, subtracted votes instead of adding them, and doubled votes. Because many of these machines have no paper audit trails, a large number of votes will never be counted. And while it is unlikely that deliberate voting-machine fraud changed the result of the presidential election, the Internet is buzzing with rumors and allegations of fraud in a number of different jurisdictions and races."

go here for more on electronic voting systems

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