Friday, September 15, 2006

Work Based from Home and Those Misleading Ads

When it comes to business opportunities, work based from home options should be considered. Work based from home has a many perks including tax advantages and there are solid business opportunities available. Work at home ideas, as they are advertised, may seem a bit confusing or overwhelming at first, but don’t need to be.

You need to sort through advertisements touting themselves as either “Business Opportunities: or Work at home”

You’ve seen them, especially in the classified sections of newspapers that read: “Business Opportunities: Work at home.” Like most people, you are probably skeptical when you see these ads in the paper and you should be. Unfortunately, there are always those out there who try to take advantage of your dream of having your own work based from home business. Single mothers struggling to take care of their children are often victims of this scam. There are a number of these ads that you should avoid. • Envelope stuffing is among the biggest scams out. With this scam, unsuspecting individuals are fooled into believing they can make a great income by simply stuffing envelopes. While a limited number of people will actually make money off of this, most don’t. Then of course there is the issue of ethics. • Assembling complex items that can take a very long time to put together, resulting in far less than minimum wage when broken down into an hourly rate. What’s more you will often not see any money unless the crafts or other objects you have assembled happen to sell.

These scams are certainly not worth your time considering that there are plenty of legitimate work based from home opportunities out there. Sound work based from home ideas simply require using your common sense and not falling for scams that are simply too good to be true.

Once you realize that these Business Opportunities: Work at Home ads are not the way to go when trying to establish your own work based from home business, it is time for the serious work to begin. Starting your own work based from home business is not necessarily an easy task and it does take time and work to get it going. Therefore, you need to start considering what type of work based from home business is right for you.

Take an honest look at your personality. Do you want to be your own boss, or do you prefer someone else take on responsibility for the business? Do you enjoy spending time on the computer, or would you rather be outdoors. Work based from home does not necessarily mean you have to stay inside the house, so consider all possible avenues to find the one that is best for you.

If you wish to start your own work based from home business then brainstorm. There are numerous types of work one can consider, among them:

• Freelance data entry • Freelance writing • Freelance graphic artist • House cleaning, janitorial, window washing or laundry services • Online translation • Online surveys • Plumbing, carpentry, electrical or other handyman services • Driving services • Snow or leaf removal • Landscaping • Phone answering services

The list of work based from home ideas could go on and on. It is limited only by your imagination.

Work At Home By Lucy Rodgers


Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Naija Sense,
I have been online for quite some time and I know that most of these American scams could be a wild goose chase in the virtual world.
But not all of them are fraudulent.

Well done and God bless.

Naija Sense said...

Thanks for your comment.

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